Earlier this year, we announced that we will be transitioning into a new partnership with One Call Concepts Inc. (OCC) for 811 notification services. These services include receiving, processing and transmitting underground utility locate requests.

Kentucky 811 is proud to share that transition to the new one call center services was successfully completed today — October 1, 2022. This transition not only marks the beginning of Kentucky 811’s partnership with OCC, it marks the beginning of a new age in damage prevention in Kentucky — one that is focused on cutting-edge technology and doubles down on our commitment to making Kentucky a safer place to live and work.

As of Saturday, the ITICnxt system is now live for processing locate requests online. You can visit kentucky811.org or head directly to ITICnxt at ky.itic.occinc.com to submit your tickets.

Be sure to keep an eye here on Kentucky811.org for new tools, trainings and educational opportunities.

Questions? We can help. Click here to submit a question and our team will get back to you soon.

Thank you for helping make this transition a great success.